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If Better Is What You Seek - Look No Further. This is the Motherfucken Best!

Ambrosia's Ritual-AM® contains a revolutionary set of ingredients that have never before been combined. Collectively these components provide the crucial nutrients our brain and body crave as a whole in the quest for optimal functionality. Ritual-AM® takes the short-lived and limited boost that caffeine alone provides and redefines what it means to “start your day”. We believe there are no limits. There are limiting factors, but they can all be removed. The one unescapable fact is that your Brain needs fuel. Ritual-AM® is that fuel.

30 Servings







60 Servings






We all know that coffee makes you feel amazing and energized - but imagine if we can make it better (we can). Coffee has its benefits: It's known to protect against Type 2 Diabetes, it reduces your chances of liver cancer by as much as 50% and it's a powerful antioxidant that helps with weight management. Adding Ritual-AM adds so much more to that list, especially added benefits to your brain!

Let Ritual-AM + Coffee make you mornings energetic 


We believe in starting your mornings right! The common morning routine most people follow actually works against them, like consuming something with sugar. Consuming sugar in the morning slows down your metabolism and increases fat storage. Now, adding protein to your morning elongates your fat burning process keeping your lean. But more than that, adding ketones to your morning gives you the mental boost throughout your entire day you won't be able to live without! Ritual-AM turns a routine into something more. It makes it better.

Start Your Morning Right



With 75% less caffeine than your average cup of coffee, RITUAL-AM is able to bring a surge of energy without the crash - all within minutes! It's designed to stabilize your insulin levels and helps prevent low blood sugar, which makes you feel tired. Because there's so little caffeine in Ritual-AM, Adenosine receptor levels are kept low.

No Caffeine Crash

Ritual-AM has no sugar added - yet it tastes amazing! Whether you drink your coffee black or with some sugar, no one really realizes how much sugar we consume so early in our day. The sugar in creamer alone makes up 15% of your total sugar intake! Lowering your sugar intake will help prevent your mid-day crash and help prevent weight gain.

Sugar?! Ah hell no!

One of the many reasons why so many coffee drinkers use milk or cream is to ease the strong flavor of coffee. Unfortunately milk is hard on the digestive system and creamers have a ton of sugar. Yeah, you can use alternatives like soy and almond milk but that's boring - and yields no real benefit. Ritual-AM, on the other hand, is packed with lactose free whey isolate - delivering enough protein to get your day started and keep protein synthesis levels up.

No Lactose

To first understand how amazing Ritual-AM is for your overall well-being, we need to inform you on the lastest dieting trend: Ketogenesis or Keto for short. Keto dieting has become the most popular dieting trend because of its biohacking properties. Ketogenesis focuses on a carb restriction and prioritizes protein and fat. This triggers the body to produce ketones, which activates your brain - making you feel alert, focused, and ready to take on your day. Ritual-AM is packed with ketones - giving you all the benefits within minutes - and without restricting your diet! But it doesn't stop there. Each serving of Ritual-AM has enough protein to initiate protein synthesis encouraging your body to burn fat and avoid storing it. This also promotes healthy muscle production turning your regular cup of coffee into a powerhouse of energy, focus, and strength. This combination of ketones, protein, and zero sugar makes Ritual-AM perfect for your morning ritual, with or without coffee! The difference between a routine and a ritual is that a routine is all about the act of doing, while a ritual is all about the outcome of what you do. Don't just do things right - make sure you always do the right thing.

Ketones, Protein, & Energy

Not a coffee drinker? That's ok! RITUAL-AM can be taken alone (just mix one scoop with 8 ounces of water). RITUAL-AM has a natural Italian Creme Coffee flavor making it absolutely delicious. One single serving of Ritual gets you the protein you need, the ketones you should have, and the energy levels you desire. Your mornings just got a whole lot better. Try RITUAL-AM and see for yourself. Check out what others have to say about RITUAL-AM.

Drink it by itself

Three out of four Americans drink coffee every single day - most of which is done in the morning. And for obvious reasons: coffee gives you energy, alertness, drive, and can even put you in a better mood. But coffee alone has its down side - and it's called a 2:30pm CRASH! When you combine the RITUAL-AM with your hot or cold coffee, every thing good about it, the energy, focus, and drive goes into overdrive giving you a long lasting boost - without the crash. The Science.

Drink it with coffee

The average breakfast has over 50 grams of sugar - a number higher than the recommended daily average by the World Health Organization. In fact, WHO credits high sugar intake as the leading cause of diabetes and obesity. We are completely unaware how much sugar we consume in a single day - let alone for breakfast. Cutting back on sugar intake can go a long way for how you look and feel. Now, if you're gonna cut sugar, shouldn't you do it when it's most beneficial? Well cutting your sugar intake on your first meal has its perks - and there's no better way to do it than with Ritual-AM. Often compared to a Starbucks blended drink, not only does RITUAL-AM taste great - it's good for you. It has ketones in it to improve brain function and mood, it has protein in it to promote Protein Synthesis and keep your body in fat burning mode, and it regulates insulin levels to guarantee an even flow of energy throughout your day.

Drink it because it's good for you!


The holy grail of all fuel sources our bodies can utilize to fuel brain activity is the ketone. Ketones are naturally produced as a survival mechanism when glucose is low in the body. These molecules are produced as a byproduct of fat breakdown occurring in the liver. Typically, we would be required to all but eliminate carbohydrates in order to illicit the production of these magical ketone bodies. Our exogenous ketones provide a full dosage of exactly what your brain desires. Upon consuming these ketones, you will be rewarded with the rock-solid platform that optimal brain function is built on.



Sourced primarily from coconut oil, MCT’s are known as the “fast acting fat”. MCT (Medium-Chain Triglycerides) have been given this nick-name because they digest easily and provide readily available energy for our bodies. They have been consumed for thousands of years in traditional tropical diets; but have only recently been discovered as an amazing source of nutrition we should all include in our daily lives. Many companies will use or promote Coconut Oil as a source of MCT’s. However, coconut oil only contains about 60% of its total fat content as MCT. We use a pure MCT Oil as our source in order to further concentrate the benefits we can deliver to you such as: more natural energy, clearer thought and cognitive function, improved mood, balanced endogenous hormone production, and better digestion; including a higher rate of absorption for fat-soluble nutrients from your diet.

Immediate and Sustain Energy • Ultra-Potent MCT OIL


Cream & Sugar. The first two things most people add to their coffee are unfortunately the two worst things we can start our day with. We have eliminated the need to add calorie dense dairy creamers, which cause inflammation in our bodies. The usual alternative is even worse – chemical laden creamers with countless additives. Clean Cream™ used in Ritual-AM™ achieves the gourmet creamy taste we desire, without the garbage. The overall flavor profile of Ritual-AM™ also replaces the need for any added refined sugar – this is crucial to keeping insulin levels in check and allowing the rest of the Ritual-AM™ formula to perform its biohacking effects.

Clean Cream™ (Plant Based Natural Creamer)


Coffee is without a doubt a mainstay in cultures around the world; and not without reason. This aromatic beverage has the ability to delight our taste buds, while simultaneously igniting our bodies and our brains through its naturally occurring caffeine and other natural phytonutrients and compounds. Coffee has been the second most consumed liquid on the planet for centuries, trailing only water in that department. In the US, over 50% of the adult population drinks one or more cups of coffee on a daily basis. Coffee offers numerous benefits including: protection against neuro-degeneration (brain cell breakdown), improved heart health, diabetes protection, natural anti-depressant, increased energy and concentration, better physical performance, and finally a lower risk of select gastrointestinal issues. Despite all of coffee’s amazing benefits, it does have downsides when consumed in excess. It can over stimulate and exhaust our nervous system through over caffeination. This can lead to anxiety, sleeplessness, and energy crashes. Ritual-Am™ allows us to “Super-Charge” our coffee or even replace it entirely by honing in on all the positive effects of coffee; and further amplifying them through our 7 other precisely dosed biohacking ingredients.